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Jan 8, 2013 1:00am EST
're experimenting, you also have energy projects. again, we have an article in the world in 2013 about the extraordinary reduction in cost of solar power, for example, something similar to solar panels. >> there is a china law which is china sort of overproduces to the point of bankruptcy. that is why the panel is so low. it's close. >> do you see technology transforming our energy situation? >> although it's controversial, the fact of the matter is we should give credit to the people who invented these new forms of oil and natural gas drilling generally known as fracking, hydraulic fracking and so forth. those are resources that help us find pore of this stuff. we can have a discussion about recommendation and so forth. it's very controversial. that has materially changed the economic structure of energy in america. if you take a look at conservation and renewables which i think is ultimately the right answer, what you see now is the automation and instrumentation of passive systems, it changes everything. it goes under the term of smart building. roughly 40% of the carbon emissions t
Jan 4, 2013 2:00pm EST
're desperate for workers, truckers, people who can contribute to where the energy industry is right now. things like what you are talking about here, to have to pick yourself up and start over again -- 57 can feel pretty old. on the other hand, you have got 10 more years of working life ahead of you before you can get your full social security benefits. youve got to not given, if -- give in, if you can help it, and try to find the energy and commitment to start over again. there are jobs out there, but it is not easy to change. host: one of our viewer saying, with weak demand in a number of key sectors, what is happening with the retraining effort? guest: that is something congress will have to work out again. that tends to be on the spending side. i think that the community colleges in this country are really trying hard to pick up some of the slack and work with businesses to come up with training programs. the one thing that everyone has learned some lessons about is the nonsensical student loans, taking out a bunch of student loans, going to community college and never finishing or never g
Jan 4, 2013 10:30pm EST
-growth tax reform but on energy. we have opportunities in this country to create an incredible number of jobs and get the kind of economic growth that will help with the deficit. energy is just one great example. also, eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. that is a national-security issues. we have got to do better. the right kind of approaches like we are talking about to stimulate economic growth. host: former congressman barney frank has told the governor of massachusetts that he wants to be in the u.s. senate. guest: i think it's going to be very important, because we do have to get real savings in terms of addressing any kind of debt ceiling agreement. so i think this is a very important stretched. like you and i have been talked about, buckled down and get it done before the deadline. but it is going to be difficult. that is very clear. you are talking about a big challenge. >> we talked in with the newly sworn in senator. this is just over 40 minutes. host: we welcome another former governor and now the senator from maine, angus king, an independent. guest: good morning, steve. the
Jan 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
discussions on anything from energy to health care. your husband is a doctor. she's very knowledgeable about health care and has talked with me some ideas i look for to working with her on. i've spoken to her about some things i want to do to stimulate energy in this country. i look forward to welcoming her to the senate. host: what piece of advice do you have? guest: i want to be careful about giving anyone advice. i would just say we need bipartisanship. i think she and i will work together to be part of the solution on these issues in a bipartisan way. host: this -- guest: i think we need reforms. you and i just talked about them and i have already given a couple specific examples. in medicare, i think we need to look at some means testing for upper-income individuals and we need to look at the indexing. i think we can make these reforms to entitlements in a way where we are not changing them for people who are at or near retirement but for the future recipients. i think you can get support from republicans and democrats to do it and broad public support, because for seniors at or near re
Jan 7, 2013 10:00am EST
. there is great energy around women's leadership in this country right now. we turned out women voters in our largest ever expenditure program across the country. in turning out these voters we did not just to let historic people to congress, but we have helped president barack obama, who has been so good for women across the country. it is so clear that this election was about women. women candidates, women donors. we heard a lot about women's issues. some in a way that i would prefer not to hear about. we heard about women voters who made those decisions. there was a lot of talk about the new democratic coalition of young people, hispanics, and women. i think that that is a great coalition. women are not just a voting bloc or a subset of the population. they are 51% of the population. last time that i checked, that was the majority. this last election, 55% of the women voted for president obama. there was an 18. gender gap. for every unmarried woman who voted for mitt romney, two voted for obama. women are going to make the decisions for the elections to come. they will decide to hold the p
Jan 11, 2013 2:00pm EST
the nation calls. another major milestone was the arrival our our chief of staff who has brought new energy and inspirational leadership to the top of our air force team. so before we take your questions i will ask general welsh to make a few remark. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for taking the time for being here. i apologize for my extra hardware this morning, it is ugly in these sequestration meetings. i think it was the first time i realized how big it really is. i'm recovering slowly. yesterday we releaseden an updated vision for the air for. the intent is to capture what the air force is all about and what we should be focused on in the future. it highlights airman as a strength and service. they will be our contributions to the nation's defense and the air force's calling cards. it also embraces innovation is a trait of every airman and i believe that is true. it is about 1,000 words long and takes you three minutes to read. we can get you a copy if you would like to take a look. the bottom line, we continue to remain the world's greatest air force. that is what th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)